Take a Stand Kids, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. TASK was created specifically to support schools and communities in creating a safe environment free of bullying through professional development, workshops, and modeling. Our goal is to raise awareness on the effects of bullying. Our highly qualified team members will provide strategies to combat bullying in constructive, non-violent ways to school personnel as well as students. TASK strives to encourage schools and communities to take a stand against bullying!

As a state-approved provider of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) hours, T.A.S.K. offers low-cost professional learning opportunities. NYS regulations require all teachers who hold professional certificates and paraprofessionals who hold Level III teaching assistant certificates to maintain 100 professional development hours by a state-approved provider every five years.

3 Week Professional Development Courses

  • Bullying Prevention (15 CTLE Hours) February 6-February 26, 2023

  • Restorative Practices (15 CTLE Hours) March 6-March 26, 2023

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Meet Our Team!

Dr. Christopher Hazeltine – Founder and CEO

Dr. Christopher Hazeltine is the founder and CEO of Take A Stand Kids, Inc. (TASK). Dr. Hazeltine brings with him a wealth of experiences working with children and adults at the elementary, middle, high school, and college levels. He has worked within the New York City Public School system for over 15 years as a teacher, dean, consultant, and administrator. He joins TASK after recently working as an Assistant Principal of Youth Development with New Visions AIM Charter High School I. Prior to New Visions, Dr. Hazeltine worked as a School Transformation Facilitator with Johns Hopkins University, overseeing the educational transformation in NYC Department of Education renewal schools. His passion for education, his sense of urgency to transform public education, and his understanding that all students can excel academically is what led him to TASK and what makes him an ideal person to serve on the board. Dr. Hazeltine’s experiences at New Visions AIM I have provided him with a strong background in school settings that integrate social-emotional programs and supports into the academic program to help at-risk students overcome obstacles to success in school. In addition, his past professional affiliations have prepared him to take on both the leadership of the organization as the well as the management and oversight of the board’s functions.

Dr. Hazeltine holds a Bachelor's degree in Education from SUNY Oneonta, a Master's degree in Education Administration from New York University, a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership for Teaching and Learning from Walden University and an Advanced Certificate in School District Leadership from Bank Street College of Education.

Erin Famolaro-Vice President

Employed with the NYC Department of Education for almost 15 years, Erin holds New York State professional certificates in Early Childhood Education B-2, Childhood Education 1-6, Literacy B-12, and TESOL B-12. Her expertise lies in the area of elementary education, with special interest in the area of teaching literacy. Erin is currently teaching under her TESOL license as an ENL specialist servicing children in grades 3-5. Making connections with students and their families is of the utmost importance to Erin's practice to enhance social emotional growth in the school community.

Erin holds a Bachelor's degree in Education from the College of St. Rose, a Master's degree in Literacy from Touro College, and a Master's degree in TESOL from Touro College.

Crystal Joye-Secretary

Crystal Joye is currently the Assistant Principal at New Heights Academy Charter School. She is a dedicated educator with over twenty years of experience fostering educational achievement in New York City public schools. Prior to coming to T.A.S.K, Crystal worked as the Executive Director/School and Student Support Specialist for John Hopkins University/Talent Development Secondary, where she worked with Principals and schools on program implementation, assisted in securing the funding for the program, and supervised transformation facilitators at schools for monitoring implementation and performance. She began her career as a Special Education Teacher and went on to serve as an Assistant Principal and then School Leader. She consistently was working on improving instruction and raising student achievement. Crystal holds a Bachelors of Honors Degree from City College, a Masters in Science Education from Touro College, SAS/SDA/SBL Administrative Certification and a Graduate Certificate of Advanced Study from The College of St. Rose. She is currently working on her Ed.D. at Seton Hall.

Dr. St. Claire Adriaan

St. Claire Adriaan was born, raised and educated in Apartheid South Africa. Very early in his life, he learned that education was his only weapon against Apartheid. Motivated by his parents, community and teachers, he did everything in his power to go to college and focus on being a lifelong learner. He strongly believes that it is not where you come from that determines your destiny but hard work, the will to succeed, and adults that believe in you. St. Claire has a graduate and post graduate degree in Restorative Practices from The International Institute for Restorative Practices.

St. Claire is a lifelong educator and believes in educating the whole child by narrowing the achievement, opportunity, and technological gap within a school. Resulting in a learning environment where students are happy, inspired, empowered and have a voice, while taking ownership of their learning. Dr. Adriaan is the founding principal of a middle school in Queens, NY.

Dr. Christopher Hazeltine
Erin Famolaro

Crystal Joye
Dr. St. Claire Adriaan

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